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(Aug 18, 2014)
hope all are doing well
(Aug 08, 2014)
Hello Moonraven!
(Aug 08, 2014)
Howdy Knights
(Jul 27, 2014)
Long live the queen, Moon i understand your stepping down, goodluck and hope the future brings you favour, John
(Jul 22, 2014)
and long live the new queen Breaeanna
(Jul 22, 2014)
you will be missed Moon
(Jul 14, 2014)
ok i am back i see no one uses this site or shout box
(Apr 04, 2014)
Larry, come back! :...(
(Apr 01, 2014)
I have quit wow and wish you all the best
(Mar 25, 2014)
Larryninetoe, we need you to have fun in WoW!
(Mar 11, 2014)
welcome Lilasong
(Mar 01, 2014)
Come on Knights! This is YOUR Web Site!
(Jan 16, 2014)
so yeah just wanted to let you all know that I miss you all and can't wait until I am back but still need this break
(Jan 13, 2014)
so congrats on the raid and am missing most of ya
(Jan 04, 2014)
ok first day with no wow not sure how long I can hold out but I hope when I come back I am a better player and officer
(Dec 24, 2013)
going to be on a wow break till May will be checking here and Facebook
(Dec 18, 2013)
ok anyone besides Moon and i use this site if not i think we should close it down save some money
(Dec 10, 2013)
Guess so .. Might as well stop writing letters then huh..
(Dec 10, 2013)
well Moon looks like it is just us two that use this thing
(Nov 30, 2013)
Who here uses this website other than Larry and myself?