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Black List

A simple list of those no longer welcome in Knights of the Forsaken

Muhdik-- Disrespectful to officer, disrespecting guild in trade chat.

Zalld -- Ninjaing guild bank and leaving guild.

Randøm -- Caps, Language and Rage quitting guild.

Shticky -- Insulting an officer, swearing in guild chat and being disrespectful to guild.


Darthrow -- Swearing in Guild chat and rage quitting guild.

Bleyez -- Inulting an officer after being kicked out of guild and spamming and making insults about the guild.
Bleyes ^^

Xanith -- Insulting Guild and Leadership very rude and disrespectful.

Worgeneer -- Badmouthing about Knights of the Forsaken on trade as well as swearing in g chat and leaving in a rage

Randomscrubs -- Ninja of guild bank then leaving guild.

Sokizia -- Insulting an officer and excessive usage of caps despite warnings.

Bdsapp -- Accused of hacking and using a robot in Uldum, taking advantage of guild perks.

Psneaky -- Swearing in guild chat. ignoring warnings from officers and insulting an officer even after leaving guild.

Brahminn -- Insulting an officer and using insulting comments Lots of caps usage after warnings.

Wantatwinky -- Spamming in guild chat and disrespecting officers and rage leaving saying offensive comments.

Arumol - (Harassing an officer & being disrespectful in GC)

Ænema - (Repeated racist comments even after warning, harassing an officer, vulgarity, etc.)

Lavaslappinu - (Trolling about cancer, vulgarity, caps, and extreme racism.)

Lazslo - (Caps repeatedly even after warnings, then disrespect for officers)

Shenandoa - (Vulgarity, Caps, and Disrespect for officers)

Tes - (Became vulgar and hostile during a discussion of rap music. Became specifically and vulgarly disrespectful of nobility even after warnings.

Iván - (Harassing and insulting nobility in vent and guild chat)

Illsnipeu - (Left guild in a raging cussing storm with a variety of other lovely words)

Possible - (Disrespectul to guild nobility. Didn't take warnings. Also creey kinda, and a bit of a stalker.)

Arthas - (It's Arthas with the strange A's. All caps in GC even after repeated warnings, then disrespected Ereyn by calling her a Beotch, then more caps, then after a demotion cussed out Ereyn in whisper.)

Sodomiizor (Argued about the cussing rule then whispered Luthius and harassed her talking badly of the officers)

Bullkick - (Swearing in guild chat after warnings)

Sodapopdrink - (Spamming caps, insulting royalty, insulting guild, drama crimes.)

Clentia - (Left guild cussing and name calling)

Deathknees - (Caps, foul language, smack talked the guild, disrespectful)

Firya - (Said he was looking to raid Dak's mom then hopped on an alt just to cuss out officers for him being kicked while he was high.)

Skwishkah - (Was racist in GC and harassed the officers "daring" them to kick him out)

Cosh - (Trolled in GC, begged for gold, disrespected many in guild, called Kitty a bitch, etc..)

Harlisu - (Foul language, expects the guild to entertain him every moment, insulted officers, etc.)

Clunk - (Used a lot of fowl language in guild chat, called nobility vulgar names, etc.)

Donkus - (Left the guild in a very disrespectful and vulgar way, swearing and being racist and gay bashing in guild chat on his way out.)

Tankr - (Posted inappropriate macro in GC after being warned not to or he'd risk demotion, said "Demote Me" afterwards. Then, when he got demoted, blamed it on his brother. After having left guild, blew up and started cursing and being extremely hateful to officers camping the TLPD)

Vazkor - (Swore a lot even after being warned not to, didn't fit in.)

Delirokos - (Extreme vulgarity and disrespect in response to the DKP system, hated on WoW, and leaving guild repeatedly.)

Vortka - (Extreme vulgarity and disrespect to the royalty and to the guild and it's members)

Celest (^ over the 1st E)
Anubys - (Blew up over loot, bothered us for some time. Disrespectful.)

Bosnoger - (Left Repeatedly, even after receiving a pardon of a prior blacklisting and being warned not to leave. Caused instability in the guild upon returning, so removed again. Responsible for the creation of Guild Law 4.2.4)

Liviaz - (spammed guild in all caps, when Dakiana asked her not to, she said "omg your a fucktard" and quit guild.)

Addiction - (Very disrespectful to an officer, then after demotion quit guild and harassed her from alts.)

Taintedsnow - (Ninja'd his last guild's bank, generally caustic personality, etc)

Conjurebeer - (Using Spanish vulgar language in guild chat directly after re-promotion up from peasant, among other offenses)

Corruptor - (Vulgarity in Guild Chat, Repeat Offending After Blacklist Appeal)

Kissmyanthea - (Was unpleasant and brought up the past to start fights, made 3 good members leave)

Riddlebox - (Begging for Gold/Spamming/Disrespect)

Kelthus - (Called guild a bunch of "Christian F$#@ers" in response to the anti-vulgarity rules)

Culsa - (Ninjaing of Loot)

Lichmaid - (Extremely Vulgar in GC/Unable to follow the rules)

Boranth - (Unknown)

Spyderwraith - (Tried to steal Christmas/Vulgar in GC/Generally unpleasant)

Vynelordron - stealing from the guild bank and disrespecting the King.

Nazark -- Ninjaing the Guild Bank and selling in Auction House.


==Grey List==

A simple list of those in danger of soon no longer being welcome in Knights of the Forsaken

Nøvaløgics - (Used all caps in guild several times, when asked nicely to stop said "God you d***bags are anal" and ragequit the guild.

Erha - (Rage-quit the guild in a storm of fowl language in response to the anti-vulgarity rule)