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  Larryninetoe: hope all are doing well
  ßræánná: Hello Moonraven!
  Moonraven: Howdy Knights
  modo: Long live the queen, Moon i understand your stepping down, goodluck and hope the future brings you favour, John
  Larryninetoe: and long live the new queen Breaeanna
  Larryninetoe: you will be missed Moon
  Larryninetoe: ok i am back i see no one uses this site or shout box
  Moonraven: Larry, come back! :...(
  Larryninetoe: I have quit wow and wish you all the best
  ßræánná: Larryninetoe, we need you to have fun in WoW!
  Larryninetoe: welcome Lilasong
  Moonraven: Come on Knights! This is YOUR Web Site!
  Larryninetoe: so yeah just wanted to let you all know that I miss you all and can't wait until I am back but still need this break
  Larryninetoe: so congrats on the raid and am missing most of ya
  Larryninetoe: ok first day with no wow not sure how long I can hold out but I hope when I come back I am a better player and officer
  Larryninetoe: going to be on a wow break till May will be checking here and Facebook
  Larryninetoe: ok anyone besides Moon and i use this site if not i think we should close it down save some money
  Moonraven: Guess so .. Might as well stop writing letters then huh..
  Larryninetoe: well Moon looks like it is just us two that use this thing
  Moonraven: Who here uses this website other than Larry and myself?
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